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Guiding the electricity sector through the clean energy transition

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Elevate Energy Consulting

Elevate Energy Consulting, LLC is dedicated to elevating the electricity sector through the clean energy transition. We bring a wealth of skills, expertise, and experience to support clients across the entire electricity ecosystem. Please reach out to us so we can discuss how Elevate Energy Consulting can help solve some of your most complex and challenging problems.

We specialize in:

Renewables integration

Advanced power system modeling and studies

Grid planning and operations

NERC and regulatory compliance

Technical management consulting

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Services we offer

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Transmission Engineering, Planning, Modeling, and Studies

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Demand, Load Modeling, and DER Integration

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Training and Education

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NERC/FERC Regulatory Compliance

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Industry Engagement and Coordination

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Research and Development

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Who We Work With

Our expertise and experience enable us to provide tailored, customized consulting services to clients across the electricity ecosystem. We have extensive experience in grid planning, engineering, and operations with specialties in renewable energy resources, inverter technology, distributed energy resources, and grid regulations. And we are proven industry leaders that can affect positive change for society.


Project Developers and Generator Owner/Operators

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Regulators and Policymakers


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Transmission and Distribution Utilities


Industry Trade Forums



Grid Planners and Operators


Research Institutions

Connect With Us

Reach out to discuss how we can partner to solve your biggest challenges. Our team of engineering experts, regulatory compliance experts, and industry leaders are here to help.

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