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Transmission Engineering, Planning, Modeling, and Studies

Transmission planners and engineers are faced with a rapidly changing grid that must be studied in increasing detail to ensure reliable operation. We have experience conducting reliability studies across all simulation time scales – from detailed EMT to powerflow – and can support many areas of transmission planning that continue to change as new technologies and practices evolve.


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  • Facility connection requirements and interconnection requirements enhancements necessary for inverter-based resources

  • Model quality requirements development and ongoing model quality checks – powerflow, dynamics, EMT, short-circuit

  • Local case quality assessments and iterative model enhancements with affected asset owners

  • System model validation activities and model quality corrections

  • Generator interconnection studies and reliability studies -powerflow, dynamics, short-circuit, EMT, etc.

  • Future-year scenario development and sensitivity analysis extreme weather studies, scenario-based planning, demand sensitivity analysis, electric vehicle growth studies, large load analysis, etc.

  • System-wide stability analyses, coordinated with neighboring planning assessment areas

  • Dynamic load model creation, development, and maintenance

  • Distributed energy resource (DER) dynamic model development (i.e., DER_A model)

  • Transmission strategy development and roadmapping, process improvements, stakeholder engagement support, etc.

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