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The Vision of Elevate Energy Consulting: Quest for a Clean Energy Future

Updated: Jan 21


"Adventure is worthwhile in itself, but its full value comes only when it is shared with friends." - Amelia Earhart, Aviation Pioneer and Adventurer


The energy transition ahead for the electricity sector is one of the most exciting adventures of our generation and those to come. Across the energy landscape, challenges and opportunities stretch as far as the eye can see. We formed Elevate Energy Consulting to serve as a seasoned guide to help clients embark on this quest towards a clean and sustainable energy future. Our unique skills and core focus areas (i.e., services) are crafted to innovate across industry verticals. We are prepared for this epic adventure and excited to collaborate together.

The Name: Our Why

The name stems from our continued focus on our vision and mission. Elevating ourselves with unwavering integrity, honesty, trust, accountability, and a focus on continuous improvement and growth mindset. Elevating each other by cultivating teams, being strong collaborators, and empowering those around us. Elevating our clients with unparalleled service, exceptional value, and a deep focus on client-centered solutions to challenging problems. Elevating society through information sharing, industry leadership, environmental stewardship, and philanthropy.

The Logo: Our Badge

The logo serves as a reminder of the pinnacle in the distance and is based on the majestic Teton Range. It is a reminder of the natural beauty in this world, the intensity of a mountain that must be summited, the seriousness of the challenges ahead, and the serenity of being one with nature. The area surrounding the Tetons holds a special place in the hearts of Elevate's founders, and serves as a constant reminder of striving for excellence to support and uplift those around us.

The Adventure: Our Services

As Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said: "It's not the destination, it's the journey." As society pursues the energy transition, we serve to deliver value, mitigate risk, and provide unique consulting services to address some of the biggest obstacles facing the clean energy future. Our focus areas are integrated across generation, transmission, distribution, and the grid edge - to provide crucial tools in our toolkit that ensure our clients and the industry are well-prepared and optimized for the journey ahead. These focus areas include:

  • Generation and Energy Storage Integration and Interconnection: supporting both generation and transmission entities ensure that the future renewable, inverter-based generation fleet is reliable and optimized to provide essential reliability services to the power grid with unique focuses on modeling, studies, inverter protection and controls, commissioning, and plant operational optimization.

  • Transmission Planning, Modeling, Engineering, and Studies: supporting transmission planners, owners, operators, and other entities with advanced grid modeling and studies; providing consulting support to engineering studies and analyses; supporting operational enhancements and road mapping of planning, designing, engineering, and operating a future clean energy grid.

  • DER, Loads, and the Grid-Edge: unlocking a future decentralized power system where significant levels of distributed energy resources, prosumers, and grid-edge technologies play an integral role in overall system planning and operations.

  • NERC and FERC Regulatory Compliance: supporting the development and/or enhancement of optimized compliance programs that drive operational excellence while minimizing regulatory compliance risk.

  • Training and Education: providing training, education, and guidance to a range of industry stakeholders to ensure understanding of the technical challenges ahead and how we can collectively tackle these issues together.

  • Advocacy, Outreach, and Coordination: collaborating with clients to build strong teams and support stakeholder support, engagement, and understanding of technical activities; ensuring entities have a meaningful voice at the table such that reasonable, effective, and clear solutions are developed.

  • Research and Development: staying at the front of industry challenges during this energy transition, working with research institutes, national laboratories, governmental partners, and others on innovative solutions.

Conclusion: A Summit of Progress

The Elevate Energy Consulting vision is clear - having a lasting positive impact on creating a clean energy future for generations to come. We are confident and eager to help guide industry through this energy transition, supporting clients across the ecosystem. Great adventures are best had with friends, colleagues, and companions - let's strategize, plan, embark, and execute together. We can enjoy the sites and small wins along the way on the way. And we can cherish the summit of progress that extends beyond the horizon into a clean energy future.

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